Oilfield and Industrial chemicals

Oilfield and Industrial chemicals

Being the value-added reseller of Baker Hughes Oilfield and Industrial chemicals, a global leader in oilfield chemical services, we’re here to help our clients keep production safely and cost-effectively flowing. Wherever they operate and whatever the challenge, our chemical products and services add tangible value to production operations. Our products are designed to tackle the three-main production challenge:

Flow Assurance
Production blockages can be caused by a variety of sources, including paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and hydrates. All of these lead to costly issues like production loss, downtime, equipment repairs, and more.

Baker Hughes FORSA™ flow assurance chemical solutions help proactively mitigate these risks before they become big problems. From greenfield development projects to mature field operations, we will help our clients to address flow challenges throughout the production lifecycle to avoid start-up delays and well shut-ins and increase the profitability of producing assets.

FORSA™ flow assurance solutions include:

  • mineral-scale prevention and remediation to protect equipment and maximize production
  • paraffin and asphaltene remediation and deposit prevention to keep production flowing
  • comprehensive hydrate control to prevent natural gas pipeline plugs and protect the system

We also offer FATHOM™ XT subsea-certified chemicals to help our clients produce reliably, safely, and effectively in deep-water environments.

Production Optimization
Our production optimization services ensure top performance from new and mature assets. We maximize throughput at fluids separation facilities; you can produce cost-effectively and safer at or above nameplate specifications. In mature fields, we reinvigorate declining production and keep assets producing profitably.

Integrity Management

Our integrity management services extend the service life of the producing assets. From frac applications through production operations and beyond, our comprehensive programs address any integrity challenges the customer may encounter.  Our offer to oil and gas producers includes:

  • Corrosion management to preserve capital equipment
  • Complete bacteria management programs to prevent souring and corrosion
  • Cost-effective H2S control for in-spec production and improved safety