Camco and ESP Ltd Work Together to Achieve Success for AGOCO

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced exceptional results from well L84 in the Sarir field, achieved through collaboration with Camco Oilfield Services and ESP Ltd.

By combining Camco’s innovative behind-casing saturation evaluation, using reservoir analysis sonde technology (RAS), with ESP Ltd’s well-testing system (EWT), AGOCO increased oil production from 49 to 580 barrels daily.

The constructive collaboration between Camco’s wireline team and ESP Ltd’s innovative equipment, including the 7″ Y-tools and slim ESP system powered by Baker Hughes technology, has unlocked unprecedented insights into well performance.

The RAS evaluation technology, deployed through tubing by the Camco wireline team along with 7″ Y-tools and the slim ESP system, provided critical insights into the well, allowing the percentage of water cut to be significantly reduced from 95% to only 4%. This achievement translates into a significant boost in oil recovery and a reduction in unwanted water production, in line with the National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) strategic goals of increasing the production capacity of its companies in the coming years.