Edgo Installs Artificial Lift Systems in Jordan

Edgo’s entity in Jordan, Wijdaniah, has successfully installed and commissioned four complete artificial lift packages, including electrical submersible pumps, surface equipment and wellheads for Jordan’s National Petroleum Company in the Hamza oil field, located in the north of Jordan. The field covers 363 km2 and produces oil from two fractured reservoirs producing a medium gravity, low sulphur oil from four wells. Production of crude oil in Jordan started in 1984 and, so far, more than a million barrels have been produced. Wijdaniah have increased production from the Hamza oil field wells from five barrels of oil per day to between 1,500 and 2,000, through four complete ESPs and four wellheads.

Teams from Edgo have also installed the first Baker Hughes electrical submersible pumps (ESP) and complete wellheads in four oil wells northeast of Amman in Jordan. The new production rate from this field covers around 1.5{af7cb7e07505478ba8dd4d3a0a267271701f58a40dc1dd887186695d18063433} of local consumption.